Steel Structures

Steel Structures

Steel offers much better compression and tension than concrete and enables lighter construction. Acerar provides a full solution to customers who are interested to build steel structures. 

Consultation and Design:

Acerar provides engineering consultation in order to prepare design schemes that match customer’s needs.

Acerar works with leading fabricators of Structural Steel works in China, and buys the raw material only at Chinese State Owned Enterprises (SOEs). All our Steel suppliers and Fabricators carry certificates such as ISO 9011:200, CE

Our Consultation team allows us to provide our customers with Safe and Reliable construction solutions. Our designs are easy to install and to maintain and are very affordable.


Our Quality Control team closely inspects each job before and after welding to make sure even the smallest details meet our rigid requirements, and yours.

After production, material is staffed in containers for quick delivery all over the world.  Back at home our customers can self-establish the structure easily and quickly.

Acerar specializes in the following structures:

  • Steel Manufacturing Buildings
  • Steel Warehouses
  • Agricultural Steel Buildings
  • Commercial Steel Buildings


  • Acerar can also equip the structures with accessories such as Cranes, Lifts etc.
  • Structures can be made to resist severe weather conditions.
  • Most of the structures  are designed for self-establishment