Non-Ferrous Scrap

Non-Ferrous Scrap

Since 2007 Acerar acts as an agent for the importation of Non-Ferrous Scrap into China, mainly from Europe and the Middle-east.
All the Non-Ferrous Scraps are as per the standards outlined by Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) and also meets the environmental laws of China.
Our excellent relations with our suppliers (most of them integrated Mills) allow us to assists western exporters of Non-Ferrous Scrap in penetrating the Chinese Scrap markets.

Most of the integrated mills prefer to buy raw materials locally, using the Chinese Currency (RMB). Acerar holds the necessary licences required to import Non-Ferrous scrap into China and can assist both sides in conducting a safe and successful business.


We have the expertise in importing the following Non-Ferrous metal Scrap

Copper Products:

  • Millberry – bright copper wire
  • Copper granules – (Clove)
  • Copper bussbar – bright copper tablet
  • Berry no.1 copper wires
  • Candy no.1 copper , mostly clean copper tubing
  • Birch-Cliff no.2 copper and copper wires

Aluminum Products:

  • Taboo – Mixed low copper aluminum clippings and solids
  • Tough – Mixed new aluminum alloy clippings and solids
  • Taint/Tabor – Clean Mixed old alloy sheet aluminum
  • Talk – Aluminum copper radiators
  • Talon – New pure aluminum wire and cable
  • Tense – Mixes aluminum castings
  • Telic – Mixed aluminum borings and turnings
  • Toto and Tutu – Aluminum extrusion
  • Litho Aluminum – Print aluminum sheets
  • Aluminum wheels

Brass Products:

  • Honey – Yellow brass scrap
  • Lable – New brass clippings
  • Lace – Brass shell cases without primers
  • Lake - Brass shell arms , clean fired
  • Night – Yellow brass rod turnings
  • Nomad – Yellow brass turnings
  • Ocean – Brass radiators