Who are we?

Who are we?

We are a group of expatriates residing in Asia for many years.  Most of these years were spent in China. We speak Chinese, we understand people and most important, we understand the business culture.

 We believe that in order to conduct successful business in China one needs a local partner. To this effect, In 2005 Acerar and Shanghai Fleet, a Chinese company, established a Joint venture dedicated to the export of Chinese steel products and machinery.

The combination of Chinese sourcing talent with professional expatriate customer management allows us to understand the needs of our customers and respond swiftly to their requirements.


Why are we here?

There are thousands of steel mills and probably hundreds of steel machinery manufacturers in China. Among them State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) and private enterprises. Some are new and others have been in the market for years, some lack the export experience or ability, others lack the communication skills to fully understand your needs and the majority of them cannot provide a satisfactory after sales service. That’s where we come in!


At Acerar, we understand you!

Prices for similar products can vary dramatically between suppliers. (Not to mention prices of Machinery…). We understand WHY!

Numerous suppliers that manufacture supposedly similar goods may vary considerably in both price and quality. We understand WHY!

We maintain a long and stable relationship with our suppliers and we don’t pick them easily. We don’t believe in sourcing suppliers though sourcing web-sites but believe in face to face conversations, factory visits and in long drinking nights (for those who are familiar with Chinese Business culture)

We specialize in locating the right supplier for your needs and accompanying you throughout the purchasing process and forever after.

We see ourselves not as a sales office in China but as your representative and after sales service provider for China.