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Why choose a Steel Product made in China?

China is dominant in the export of several steel products.

The Chinese manufacturers have modern facilities, vast capacities and their products are qualitative (Well, most of them…).

Finding a good supplier in China is not so difficult.

However the competitiveness of these products changes from time to time. This happens mainly due to changes in domestic market conditions and new export policies. 

We have the tools to understand the changes and act accordingly. Our knowledge in the domestic market, where changes happen first, gives us an advantage in forecasting future changes in the export market. We are not always right but we try to be right most of the time…

In addition, our export licences allows us to identify opportunities in the domestic markets and present them to our customers abroad. 


Why choose a Chinese machine?

Chinese machines are:

- affordable and reliable,

- simply designed,

- easy to use and to maintain.

These are major advantages as it relates to downtime, spare parts and capacity planning.

However, as with most things in life, there are also some disadvantages.

From our experience in dealing with machine suppliers in China, we have learned that there are a few disadvantages:  The first being the need to upgrade an old and sometimes outdated electronics system followed by what might be a poor control systems.

Some producers (a few of them with excellent technical skills) don’t have the knowledge to properly design a control-software that can meet the demand of foreign users.

However, the biggest disadvantage, in our opinion, is the after-sales service.
Only the Travelling Visa requirements from the Chinese technical support team can cause unnecessary delays in for service calls from our customers. Not to mention the communication difficulties between supplier and customer’s technical teams.

That’s where we come in!!

Acerar has found a solution to these problems!

We have a team of foreign electric and computer engineers that have the knowledge and experience in upgrading the electrical and control software systems of our suppliers at the source. We especially pay attention to the safety of operating and maintaining our machines.

We have an additional support team, located in both Europe and the Middle East regions, ready all year long, to service our customers quickly, when they need us.

We at Acerar know that purchasing a machine is like getting married; the relationship with your supplier lasts for as long as you operate your machine.

We accompany you not only in the sales process but also during the years that you operate your machines.